Lynette is not a newcomer to the music industry. Not by a long shot. Her years of experience as a performing violinist and her academic background in music is apparent in her songwriting and vocal abilities. Her first single, RISE UP, from her soon-to-be-released album, is a testimony to this. Lynette says that the song was inspired by realizing that we’re not all born with the same opportunities, but, that we all do have the potential to rise up above our circumstances. This was a lesson that was real and tangible for Lynette as it applies to her own life and experience.

 This upbeat, feel-good synth-pop song – which has a distinct ‘80s Swedish-pop feel to it – is in essence a song of encouragement. It is about lifting the spirit and as we go higher, we gain new perspective on things, rising up as we overcome the difficulties in life. Lynette’s songwriting abilities shine through in this catchy new single and is beautifully enhanced by the skills of producer Darryl de Lange, who perfectly nailed the synth-pop approach to this genre.