Finding strength and beauty after heartbreak

Lynette is no newcomer to the music industry. Not by a long shot. Her years of experience as a performing violinist and her academic background in music is apparent in her songwriting and vocal abilities. Her second single, DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH, from her soon-to-be-released album, is a testimony to this. Lynette says that the song was about overcoming something you thought would break you, but instead of giving up, you overcome the circumstances. This was a lesson that was real and tangible for Lynette as it applies to her own life and experience.

This upbeat, feel-good synth-pop song – which has a distinct ‘80s Swedish-pop feel to it – is in essence a song of encouragement. The skills of producer Darryl de Lange, who perfectly nailed the synth-pop approach to this genre, highlights Lynette’s beautiful voice and violin mastery. Also, Lynette is a singer-songwriter to be reckoned with – writing music that is both lyrically powerful, and melodically captivating. When asked why this song is special to her, she responds: I could sing what I felt and it helped me realize I have more inner strength than I thought.